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White Owl Food Bank 

We are thrilled to announce our exciting pilot program for personalized tours on the remarkable Pine Ridge Reservation! These immersive journeys are designed to create unforgettable experiences while supporting the local community and the welfare of animals in need.

Pine Ridge Reservation holds a treasure trove of indigenous traditions, cultural richness, and breathtaking landscapes. Our personalized tours offer the chance to explore this remarkable destination in the company of local Native residents, who will guide you through their ancestral lands and share their deep connection with the Lakota culture.

From horseback riding across the stunning landscapes to engaging in activities like drum making, jewelry crafting, bow and arrow making, and captivating storytelling sessions, our tours provide unique opportunities for cultural immersion and hands-on experiences. Each tour is meticulously tailored to your interests and preferences, ensuring an adventure that is truly one-of-a-kind.

In addition to these remarkable activities, we are excited to unveil exclusive hikes through the hidden wonders of the Badlands. Led by experienced local guides, you will venture into areas rarely seen by outside visitors, witnessing the interplay of light and shadow on ancient rock formations and discovering hidden canyons and pristine vistas. These hikes offer a thrilling adventure that blends natural beauty with the rich cultural tapestry of the Lakota people.

By participating in our personalized tours, you not only embark on a transformative journey but also make a direct impact on the welfare of animals in need. All portions of the proceeds from each tour goes to supporting our vital work in the community. It's a meaningful way to combine your passion for travel with a cause that truly matters.

We invite you to be a part of this extraordinary endeavor and join us on a journey that celebrates indigenous traditions, explores stunning landscapes, and creates positive change. Stay tuned for more updates on our Pine Ridge Reservation tours, including tour itineraries, dates, and exclusive offers.

Thank you for your unwavering support as we embark on this remarkable chapter together.


What Does it Cost to Care For Our Rescue Animals?

Approximate expenses as they fluctuate with product and gas costs:

$3.33 dog food / per dog per day

$2.09 cat food / per cat per day

$0 food / per horse per day

$95.00 for average of 180 miles round trip to rescue and relocate     animals

$70.00 for gas to veterinarians nearest vet? = 70 miles!

next closest? = 120 miles!

$390 for veterinary care per dog

Join Our Oyate Today


Help care for the abandoned stray and abused animals on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Your Generosity may take many forms:

Become a Valued member

Join Our Family Today- Become a monthly donor and get exclusive deal on our products. You can be happy knowing you are making a difference in supporting our cause. You can take pride in the fact you are changing the lives of many across one of the nations most disadvantaged places.

Since our first day of operation, White Owl Sanctuary has been offering a varied selection of products and merchandise to our family. Sometimes it’s the most ordinary products that can have the biggest impact on the daily lives of the animals we serve, and our commitment to improving the animal welfare across the reservation. Browse our products and get in touch with any questions.

Check out the furry rescue gallery 


Quilt Shop

Beautiful Star Quilts

These cozy quilts are made by our co-founder and Executive Director, Calvin Red Owl. Proceeds from your purchase are used to support daily operations at White Owl Sanctuary. Email us to find out how you can order your custom quilt today.


One of our missions is to fight animal cruelty and protect animal rights through advocacy, education and rescue efforts.

Working together, we are involved in many initiatives promoting respect and humane treatment of all animals.

Words From The  Founder

A Note from Our Executive Director and co-founder

Since 2014, our Animal Welfare Organization has been dedicated to caring for and promoting the rights of animals through numerous initiatives. Our main goal is to educate and improve the treatment of animals around the Pine Ridge Reservation.

We believe in a world where the lives of animals are respected, and they are free from cruelty and suffering. Our work brings people together in order to create the changes needed to protect animals.


Co-founder, Executive Director and Operator, Calvin Red Owl III, pictured here along with Skye- the second oldest resident of the White Owl Sanctuary!

We are so happy you’re interested in getting involved with our work here at White Owl Sanctuary. There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort. By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of our Animal Welfare Organization and help to strengthen our operations.

The more people get involved, the stronger we are. Check out how you can help today.

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