Disaster Update 
Fire Destroys Sanctuary



On November 11th 2020, Our facilities were victim to a horrible fire that destroyed everything, luckily all animals were saved.

This has been the hardest winter we have experienced since we began operations in 2014. Donations slowed down to a near halt and sales from the quilt shop are practically non existent, leaving the sanctuary with no incoming revenue.

Through sharing our  residence to home the dogs through the winter, to knocking on doors collecting scraps to feed our dogs, we survived yet another winter and the warm hard working days approach us.


Your help and support is needed now more than ever, we need all the help we can get to rebuild as quickly as possible.  







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Thank You!

Thanks to the generous donations from animal lovers like you, We are proud to announce the purchase of 2  mobile home trailers which will be the new home of  The White Owl Sanctuary and our beloved 4-legged friends.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude and appreciation for the generous amount of support we received after the fire.


Thank you for being part of the White Owl Family, you are the friends who made this possible for us.


May Tunkasila Bless you all in everything you do.


Help Us Build A New Home!

We Really Need Your Help!


One of the most vital part's of any rescue organization is the shelter facility. Without proper living quarters, sheltering & rehoming and rescuing just isn't possible. 

We are thankful for our new Housing facility.

Due to Covid-19, donations have been down 90% and sales are practically nonexistent!  with donations being down, it being our main source of income,  our organization and efforts have been hardly hit, therefore affecting or progress.

We are currently working on gathering donations to for the transport and set up of a 3 bedroom trailer home, purchased thanks to donations received after the fire, and for the set up of a second trailer home that was also purchased which will both serve as home for the animals and facilities to the organization.

Pilamiya Yelo (thank you) 


What Does it Cost to Care For Our Rescue Animals?

Approximate expenses as they fluctuate with product and gas costs:

$3.00 dog food / per dog per day

$2.00 cat food / per cat per day

$8.33 food / per horse per day

$60.00 for average of 180 miles round trip to rescue and relocate     animals

$60.00 for gas to veterinarians nearest vet? = 70 miles!

next closest? = 120 miles!

$380 for veterinary care per dog

What's New?

As many of you may know on 11/11/2020 our shelter had suffered a huge loss. A fire destroyed our entire housing facility.

Thanks to a vast number of supporters and donations from individuals like you, we was able to purchase to mobile homes which will serve  both as the new facilities to The White Owl Sanctuary and a home to our four-legged friends.

We currently trying to seek donations to set up the trailers and arrange for some barrier fencing and play yards.

Last but not least, we are proud to announce the birth of some beautiful puppies of which a select few are ready for adoptions, reach out to use if your interested in homing a four-legged friend.

Adoption Page Coming Soon!!

Join Our Oyate Today


Help care for the abandoned stray and abused animals on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Your Generosity may take many forms:

Buffalo Oyate 

Become an Elder by joining the Buffalo Family today. Make a recurring tax deductible monthly donation of $50 or more. Additional benefits included.

Horse Oyate

Become a warrior today by joining the Horse Family. Make a recurring tax deductible monthly donation of $30. Benefits included.

Dog Oyate 

Become a family member today by joining our Dog Family today. Make a recurring tax deductible monthly donation of $15. Benefits included.


Quilt Shop

Beautiful Star Quilts

These cozy quilts are made by our co-founder and Executive Director, Calvin Red Owl. Proceeds from your purchase are used to support daily operations at White Owl Sanctuary.


One of our missions is to fight animal cruelty and protect animal rights through advocacy, education and rescue efforts.

Working together, we are involved in many initiatives promoting respect and humane treatment of all animals.

Words From The  Founder

A Note from Our Executive Director and co-founder

Since 2014, our Animal Welfare Organization has been dedicated to caring for and promoting the rights of animals through numerous initiatives. Our main goal is to educate and improve the treatment of animals around the Pine Ridge Reservation.

We believe in a world where the lives of animals are respected, and they are free from cruelty and suffering. Our work brings people together in order to create the changes needed to protect animals.


Co-founder, Executive Director and Operator, Calvin Red Owl III, pictured here along with Skye- the second oldest resident of the White Owl Sanctuary!

We are so happy you’re interested in getting involved with our work here at White Owl Sanctuary. There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort. By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of our Animal Welfare Organization and help to strengthen our operations.

The more people get involved, the stronger we are. Check out how you can help today.